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2013 Fear City Review

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Fear City 2013
8240 N Austin Ave
Morton Grove, IL 60053

Visited: 10/20/13


Reviewed By: TerrorGrrrl    
Visibility/Location: Fear City is located inside of a warehouse in an industrial area surrounded by other warehouses, so it blends in very easily. There was a sign near the road, but it wasnít lit up. We had been there before, so we knew where to find it. However, without a larger sign or lights, it may be hidden very well for people that hadnít previously visited. There were parking attendants in the parking lot, which was a decent size. There was plenty of parking on the Sunday night that we visited. 
Wait Entertainment: The waiting area somewhat resembled a street scene in Chicago. There was a store front for a religious worship center, a Chicago L sign and graffiti on the walls. There were a couple of performers roaming around the waiting area. There were televisions playing promotions for Fear City near their entrance. They also had a DJ playing a wide variety of music, most of which didnít really fit in with the haunted house ambiance, but rather a dance club.   
Admission Price: $25
Parking: Free

16.5 Minutes * 

= Since people move through haunted attractions at different rates, your time will vary. Note: The time shown here represents the actual time spent moving forward through the attraction. Time spent waiting in queue lines, staging areas, intro scenes, rules rooms and when traffic jams cause patrons to come to a halt, has been subtracted. 

LPR: 1.856
LPR stands for Length/Price Ratio. It represents perceived value of an event, by comparing length vs price of admission. Higher numbers represent more value per dollar. Actual quality and/or entertainment value of an event are not factors in this calculation. Click Here to see how this event compares to others visited this year by the staff of
Scare Factor: Medium
Crowd Control: We were sent in with a group of six. About five minutes into the haunt, we ran into another group of about six. We ultimately ended up walking through the remaining eleven minutes as a very slow conga line. 


An eclectic woman met us near the entrance of the haunt and announced that we were sinners and that we needed to be saved, so she brought us into her chapel. We were given a brief opening scene which was a cross between a sermon and an exorcism. All of the sudden, the curtain next to the pews opened and a man dressed in dingy, bloody clothes demanded that we follow him into the city. We walked through scenes of chaos; wrecked cars, broken fences and homeless people asking for money. We came to a platform, complete with a Chicago L train, on which the doors flew open and we entered the train car. Body bags were hanging from the ceilings and more bums were inside of the car. The doors slammed shut and the floor began moving, portraying the train moving down the tracks. The lights outside of the train car flew by the windows and the body bags began swinging back and forth. We came to a stop and the doors opened to a woman telling us to hurry up so that she could help us. She went on and on about how she could help us as she led us down a path of disarray. Suddenly, she was attacked and we were left to defend ourselves. 

We continued on the paths of discord through chain link fence, barrels, and miscellaneous trash. Eventually, we found entrances to buildings; such as a slaughter house with meat hanging from the ceilings and a filthy home wherein the residing white trash family asked us to stay for a sleepover and the man of the house told me toÖ wait for itÖ make a sandwich. Seriously? Dear Sir, please accept a bit of professional adviceÖ while you are in front of paying customers, keep your chauvinist stereotype remarks to yourself. Itís not creepy. Itís not funny. Itís lame, outdated and it does not belong in a haunted house. 

We then entered a room wherein some kind of voodoo or witchcraft ritual was going on. The actresses in here did a really good job, because at one point I thought, ďThey could seriously be putting a hex on me right now and I would be completely oblivious.Ē Well done. 

The winding paths eventually led us to a character that was handing out 3D glasses and we were led into the 3D portion of the attraction. The effects in this section were presented very well. The paintings were intricate and the various objects hanging over the walking paths were clever. The character that collected our glasses was hidden very well in plain sight, so he surprised us. However, the next room had a similar character hiding in a similar style, so the effect was lost in that space. We entered an airplane scene, which I had never seen anywhere else and played into my fear of flying. On the way out, oxygen masks dropped from the ceiling and startled a couple of people in our group. 

If my review seems a little bit all over the place, itís really because the innards of Fear City is the same way. There were some scenes that didnít transition very well from space to space. There were some very unique scenes and ideas that I had never witnessed before. The sets are very dramatic and detailed, but a little bit too clean and fresh for the chaotic apocalypse setting. Most of the actors did a good job blending in and delivering their scares at the right time. The makeup and costumes were well suited in their designated areas, but not so much in the waiting area. Overall, our trip through Fear City was entertaining. It may have been a bit scarier if we had not caught up with a line of other groups ahead of us, but the scenery and set designs were enough to keep me distracted from that. I look forward to seeing what Fear City improves upon as they become more established in their facility. 

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