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2013 Fright Night Review

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Fright Night
Market & Broadway Streets
106 W. Market Street
Forest City, IL 61532

Visited: 10/04/13


Reviewed By: CorpseChild    
Visibility/Location: Since Forest City is a relatively small town. The Fright Night location is easy to find even though there was not a sign leading the way. As you come into town on the main road you can see the haunts second location’s lights over to the right. You will have to find the Church located at 106 W. Market Street to purchase your tickets. 

There is plenty of parking located along the streets near the Church to park. 
Wait Entertainment: Fright Night had a couple of actors roaming and interacting with the crowds waiting for each of the locations. While at the Church waiting for the hayrack you can visit the Museum of Horror to see certified movie props from your favorite horror and science fiction movies. 

Near the Skinner House there is a food vendor that has lots of choices and anything you can imagine fried. The Illinois Ghostseeker’s Society Paranormal Investigation Team has a tent showing video clips of the haunt or sit and relax near the bon fire. The Skinner House was featured on A & E’s “My Ghost Story”. 

After you have visited each attraction stop in the Witch’s Brew Café for a snack and vote for your favorite scene. Fright Night gives away a $50.00 prize for voting.
Admission Price: There are 4 attractions located at Fright City.

The Church: $8.00  
The Walking Trail: $8.00 
Skinner House: $8.00 
Crazy Cage: $8.00 

Do all 4 on a Combo Ticket for $20.00!

Selected dates you can purchase armbands with unlimited gates for $15.00

Parking: Free

The Church: 14.5 minutes *

Hayrack ride included in the price that takes you from the Church to the following haunts:

The Walking Trail: 16.5 minutes
Skinner House: 7.5 minutes
Crazy Cage: 9.5 minutes

* = Since people move through haunted attractions at different rates, your time will vary. Note: The time shown here represents the actual time spent moving forward through the attraction. Time spent waiting in queue lines, staging areas, intro scenes, rules rooms and when traffic jams cause patrons to come to a halt, has been subtracted. 

LPR: 7.920
LPR stands for Length/Price Ratio. It represents perceived value of an event, by comparing length vs price of admission. Higher numbers represent more value per dollar. Actual quality and/or entertainment value of an event are not factors in this calculation. Click Here to see how this event compares to others visited this year by the staff of
Scare Factor: The Church: Medium
The Walking Trail: Medium High
Skinner House: Medium
Crazy Cage: Medium-High
Crowd Control: I arrived right after dusk and noticed there were not a lot of patrons there at the time I entered the first attraction. Shortly after exiting the first attraction, I noticed more patrons showing up. With the group that I usually travel with our pace can either be fast or slow depending on the attraction; but did not run into any other groups with any of the attractions. The actors generally moved patrons through the attractions at a nice steady pace.


Fright Night revamped their path through the trails and within the houses this year and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. Most of the paths through the trails and the Crazy Cage were extended to be longer than the previous years.

As we entered the first door at the Church we were led down a dark winding path which went behind the building and then found ourselves on the front steps. When you entered the building the first words that we heard were “you have never felt pain” and a child’s scream. Pinhead welcomed us to the Church and then disappeared behind a curtain. 

After stepping through the curtain you found yourself in a pitch black hallway one of several in the Church. The scenes went from dim lighting to pitch black which was just enough play to keep your eyes from fully adjusting to the dark. The fog was really thick in the Church to the point where some of the scenes were hard to see. 

Once your eyes finally adjusted a bit you came to an ominous clown in a black light asking you to step into this box. One of the best scenes because they did one of the eeriest things you can experience, they separated the group. The guys were led out and the women were left in the box. It was 3 to 4 scenes later until the group was back together again. 

Through the Church there was a good play on some usual horror movie characters and just general horror scenes. 

Patrons climbed aboard a hayrack to travel to the second location and were entertained by “G-String Shirley” with ghost stories about the buildings.

Upon arriving to the second location we decided to sit by the bon fire for a bit to let other patrons go in first. A man walked up to the group and took a meat clever and ran it along a metal that contained the bon fire. He then decided to taunt and play with the crowd. Even though he was not located within an attraction he was my personal favorite. Nothing creepier than having him touch and sniff you like checking to see if your skin was useful to him. Feeling the cold metal against my neck gave me shivers up my spine and I am not easily disturbed.

At the second locale you entered into the Crazy Cage with wild mental patients. The area had fences and gates that you would walk through as being shuffled through like cattle. Add in strobe lights coming through the wooden slats and the entrances and exits within the attractions hard to see. Then introduce a couple of chainsaws in the middle of the attraction and it added to the confusion to find your way to the exit.

Next was the Skinner House. The three women on the front porch told stories of what was expected to be seen in the house. One told of a personal story of a child following her through the maze in the house. The Skinner House was featured on the television show “My Ghost Story”, so this added to the atmosphere of the creepy old house. 

The house was set up as an actual house where you walked through different rooms, living room, bedroom, and kitchen. Some of the entrances and exits were through walls or stooping down to crawl through holes in the wall. Once you entered the bedroom you thought that you were walking into a scene from the movie Exorcist with a priest, a girl laying on a bed and a nun; but then soon realized it was a disturbing birthing scene. 

After a brief stay in a bloody, disgusting kitchen; you were quickly pushed out into a dark maze that led you to the basement of the house. Once we walked down the stairs an old dusty mildew smell filled the air. With low ceilings and fog which made it hard to see everything that was going on. After hitting my head twice, I realized there was no standing up and proceeded to walk bent over until you stumbled across a scene when a young woman just had her leg amputated. Once you were able to walk upright again you headed up the stairs and out the door.

The last attraction was the Trail. You walked in and found yourself standing in a dark cornfield with a scarecrow yelling at you to leave; but to get out you had to find the hidden door. The door led into a barn that half of it has been torn down. This scene contained nothing more but a woman tied to a post and complete silence. 

The Trail contained a couple of dark mazes and mazes made of corrugated metal walls that actors would bang or scream at you through until you came to an opening with a van. One actor forced patrons to crawl through the van into what could be described as a barnyard. Completely walking through dark or dimly lit areas you found yourself on a bridge with children running around saying “he is waiting”. The last broken down shed was one of my personal favorites, once you got in two maniacs with chainsaws made sure that you were confused of were the exit door was at. 

The majority of the actors did a really great job of keeping in character and controlling the pace of the patrons. I did hear a couple of actors say right before we entered the scenes “here they come” in their normal voice mainly in the Trail attraction.

I would have liked to see more detail in some of the scenes. With heavy use of fog in areas it was hard to see everything. Some areas appeared to look unfinished with light colored house-wrap material on the ceilings and walls.

Fright Night uses old scares tactics with making patrons feel uncomfortable in scenes and using actors to get the majority of scares. Their use of different types of flooring was a standout for me. There were areas that you would sink into the ground, squishy, or just the feeling of unstable areas. 

In summary, I really enjoyed my visit to Fright Night. They are a non-profit organization that gives a lot back to the community, helping with food baskets, children’s events, plus so much more. Staff made sure to check with patrons to make sure they were having a good time and thanking them for visiting each attraction which made the visit more personable. For the price of all 4 and the time spent in the attractions this is a terrific value and a fun way to spend the entire evening.

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