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2014 13th Floor Haunted House Chicago Review

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13th Floor Haunted House Chicago
1940 George St.
Melrose Park, IL 60160

Visited: 09/27/14


Reviewed By: Raven
Visibility/Location: Parking was easy enough. Large strip mall that belongs to Everest College. Well lighted and easy to find – right off North Avenue. Few short parking signs (horses) helping to lead the way.

The haunt itself is not visible off North Avenue. There is a large spot light in the area. I would recommend using GPS for directions. George Street is at a lighted intersection and easy enough to find with some guidance – but the sign for the street itself is dark – may have a difficult time without it.

Parking was less than a block from the event itself. Few signs leading the way. The haunt itself is in a very large industrial building. Difficult to miss with the people standing out in front and the Zombie Army bus parked. Once you walk out of the parking lot, will come right up to it – very easy to spot.
Wait Entertainment: Music and actors worked the hallway during the wait. Heavily costumed ghouls worked the crowd while music played in the back ground.

Once the doorman takes your tickets, you are lead into the main waiting room. Huge tombs and creatures decorate this area. A remnant from last year’s bar behind – worked perfectly into the background. Bit of industrial meets cemetery here – and it works well.
The main focal point is the large cathedral type arch that stands proudly as the entrance into the haunt. Decorated with flickering (flameless) candles with a very large Angel of Death – this was pretty amazing to look at.

Actors played their roles out very well in this area. Although some broke character and were a little more friendly then they should’ve been. Still had fun interacting and sharing a few jokes. The costumes were great. Really set the tone for the remainder of the house – were dark, dusty, ghostly – made it a fun wait.
Admission Price: Admission $24.99 + 2.38 amusement tax – for a total of $27.37

Note: On Saturday nights in October, base price of the event is $29.99, not including tax.
Parking: Free

14 Minutes *
* = Since people move through haunted attractions at different rates, your time will vary. Note: The time shown here represents the actual time spent moving forward through the attraction. Time spent waiting in queue lines, staging areas, intro scenes, rules rooms and when traffic jams cause patrons to come to a halt, has been subtracted. 

LPR: 1.176
LPR stands for Length/Price Ratio. It represents perceived value of an event, by comparing length vs price of admission. Higher numbers represent more value per dollar. Actual quality and/or entertainment value of an event are not factors in this calculation. Click Here to see how this event compares to others visited this year by the staff of
Scare Factor: Medium
Crowd Control: Crowd control was great during the first half of the haunt. Spaced out enough between – we never once caught up to the group in front of us – having the scenes and scares to ourselves.

This all changed after the breaking points – hell and the hillbilly house – the hillbilly house being the worst. Catching up not only with the group in front of us, but several groups before them – making it one long continuous line through the remainder of the haunt – eliminating some of the surprises that were in store for us and of course scares.


13th Floor was a continuation of last year’s 11th hour, but beautifully improved. The cemetery scene was seen in last year’s haunt, but placement and improvements – such as well spaced tombs, a wonderful fountain, winding walkways and an amazing starry sky twinkling in the background made this a wonderful journey through. Actors worked well in this area – coming at you from not only the given dark corners, but sliding out of coffins on top of the tombs and crawling at – and grabbing your feet. An assault from every angle – this particular section had everyone in our group jumping.

Flickering flameless candles line much of the passageways through and with heavy smoke and damp smells through the air – it is very easy to believe you are winding your way through a wicked cemetery. The church/cathedral scene was great – curtains on the back wall marking what should be an exit confused us there for a while, but we found our way.

What I enjoyed most about 13th hour was not just the detail they placed at eye level through out the haunt, but the use of every available space. Busted out/boarded up dome windows on the ceiling, torn up ceiling panels that have been busted through and wooden cathedral like forms that stood out in the darkness of the sky. All this while the stars twinkled in the background - was almost too much to take in during our walk through. Almost. Details were everywhere – making this a very beautiful section.

My favorite room in this area was a combination of two – one with flickering candles lining both dingy, dimly lit walls and a large casket that sat in the adjundant. Believe the casket could have used an actor inside – moving the lid, a glimpse of a hand – there was no action in this area. Would have perfected the already great scene.

Standing outside the cathedral, you’re outside among the stars – a large twinkling panel in the darkness. Something never seen at a haunt, found it to be very unique and an amazing place to be.

The maze was next. This area consisted of chain link fences all leading to Nikola Telsa’s creation – the Magnifying Transmitter. The path takes you right into the experimentation area – very vibrant blue light not only shocks the eyes, but also the ears as the electricity is heard loudly throughout the room. The path leads you away, hearing the electricity vibrations periodically and music played in the background as you work your way through the maze. The maze itself was only exciting for a minute. Some well placed actors hidden in corners or some to follow you through would have added to the intensity that should have been present here. Nothing to really wow you in this particular room, except for the bolts of lightning and old Frankie getting shocked off in the corner. The rest of the area was a little too dark, and the maze itself a little boring. Was easy to lose interest here.

The next room however made up for this, and was my favorite for this section – leading into to the mad doctor’s office, the doctor working off in the background. As you enter the room and try to focus on the scene, the floor – very sharply – slants off to one side – catching you completely off guard – needing to quickly grab on to the wooden beams lining both sides of the walkway to make your way through the room. Amazing play of a vortex without the usual spinning wall behind it to throw you off balance - this was a great room. Combined with the pitch black hallway (lost our way here too) and the clausterphobic hallway that follows after – easy to become a bit disorientated in this area.

Moving forward – and into Hell – your journey through the afterlife continues. Hell is marked by a dark, dingy room filled with some wicked looking deer trophy heads and one lone actor showing the way to the portal. The portal itself is located under the Devil himself who scoops down to try to grab you as you bend down and walk through.
Inside Hell is a grand casino – where you can try your hand at slots – slots looser then yours! - the conductor exclaimed – grinning and looking directly at me. Disco balls lined the ceiling as the slots were lit up – and music played. Was a whirlwind of excitement here, as you find your way winding around the slots. In the back of the room a very torn up and dark black jack table await, with the dealer looking quite frightful and deadly. Was a very fun and unique room. Very much enjoyed it.

Another room you come to is a one where a well dressed ghoul gets close to give you the kiss – or bite – of death. Chomping his teeth, the actor in this scene was very creepy without much effort. Well dressed, a deathly smile. I especially enjoyed the stairway – with flickering candles at the base – and the broken boards at the top – to show where this poor fellow fell to his death. Very detailed, amazing room to work your way through.

A Texas Chainsaw like Hillbilly house was on the agenda next. Very detailed faηade here for the house – complete with a “broken” porch – a bridge that dipped down and swung from side to side to give you the feeling of the porch being broken. An actress waited here to let you inside the house – yelling about her uncle – who was outside fetching dinner and terrorizing the guests as they came up with his chainsaw.
The broken down bicycle was an awesome prop – but with the broken porch right next to it – could be a hazard should someone lose their footing and fall into the broken peddle. Watch your step.

The house itself was typical of the hillbilly rooms I’ve seen of late. Very nicely done with garbage, and jammed packed with typical pack rat finds. Very dark in here – and we met up with the crowd before us at this point – felt a little rushed, and difficult to take it all in. The actors in this area were great however – and had some great looking teeth.
High energy and played their roles well – were no scares in this area, only hillbillys who were pulling you into their world – and trying to convince you to stay for dinner – for which of course, you were the main course.

Scenes in this area included a meat locker – where the victims captured outside were stored – and an actor looking for a good nose. Seemed to lose his somewhere among the chaos.
My favorite area inside of this section however was the garage. Lined with old rusted license plates and a awkwardly full sized car that crashed it’s way into the wall. Engine and trans were removed – and an actor working the crowd asking if we had leads on one. Think you need a little more then a trans there buddy! Was a very nice full sized scene completing this area.

Moving forward, you stumble into the morgue. This particular section was one of my favorites in the haunt. Extremely detailed – right down to a twitching live nurse who stood her area and worked it well. Was almost surreal. A few dead specimens left over experiments and a morgue drawer with a live actress – who delivered quite a blood curdling scream – ears were ringing! – was a lot to check out in this room. Realizing it was the last scene of the house, did feel a bit disappointed by the fact that we did catch up with the crowd and didn’t have time to let it all settle in.

Overall, I really enjoyed my visit to 13th Floor. Have not seen such an amazingly detailed haunt in quite a while – very easy to get lost in the visuals alone. Does need some work on additional scares, but the actors who were there nailed it. Working their area, fitting completely in – and continuing their performance until the last of the line left. There is some physical exertion needed in this haunt – areas where you could lose your footing, or needing to climb through – if you have problems with any of this, may wish to sit this one out.

They could use some better crowd control after the breaking points, would help visitors enjoy the rooms better – allowing them to become completely lost in the scenes. In some scenes, perhaps there is too much detail – I know. Not usually a complaint! But it’s not a haunt that should be rushed through. For the 16 minutes we were inside – lost a few minutes because of the stopping of the crowd – was a perfect amount of time – and the haunt seemed to span on for quite a while. If possible, take some time and really enjoy these beautifully created scenes – you don’t see them too often. 13th Floor is a visual masterpiece in many areas. Not super scary – but a very fun time. I do recommend.

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