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2014 Massacre Haunted House Review

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Massacre Haunted House
New Location For 2014
299 Montgomery Road
Montgomery, IL 60538

Visited: 10/11/14


Reviewed By: Raven
Visibility/Location: Not very difficult to find, this haunted house is located in a very well lighted strip mall directly on Montgomery Road. Huge lighted sign on the building itself.

The surrounding area is a bit dark, and unless familiar, I do recommend using GPS to navigate through.

Because most businesses are closed during haunting hours, there is plenty of parking available. Both in the front of the location – and in back as overflow.

The entrance to the haunt is located in the back of the building – find this out when you walk up to the main entrance – there are signs leading the way.
Wait Entertainment: Really enjoyed the entertainment here – was an attack on the senses with both very intense actors bombarding you as soon as you walk up Including larger than life creatures - one animated - in the main waiting room.

The actors themselves were mostly clowns, and belong to the freak show inside. Most with some wicked looking contacts and others super sharp teeth. They were right there to tell vulgar jokes, blow in your face or growl in your ear – after leaning in super close, taking pictures upon request.

An animated alien style creature waited to pop out of the wall periodically, while two other evil beasties stood guard on opposite ends of the room.

A large projection screen played the Conjuring, while heavy metal played in the background, creating a mesh of sounds.

Was a lot to see and take in here – very difficult to get bored.
Admission Price: $23.00
Parking: Free

Massacre: 15 Minutes *
Fear Factory: 12 Minutes *
* = Since people move through haunted attractions at different rates, your time will vary. Note: The time shown here represents the actual time spent moving forward through the attraction. Time spent waiting in queue lines, staging areas, intro scenes, rules rooms and when traffic jams cause patrons to come to a halt, has been subtracted. 

LPR: 3.404
LPR stands for Length/Price Ratio. It represents perceived value of an event, by comparing length vs price of admission. Higher numbers represent more value per dollar. Actual quality and/or entertainment value of an event are not factors in this calculation. Click Here to see how this event compares to others visited this year by the staff of
Scare Factor: Medium-High
Crowd Control: Was a good sized crowd that night at Massacre, and they handled it well. The same sized line gave us a 2 hour wait at a previous – while they had us in the haunt in 45.

The size of the groups were small – and intimate – no larger than 5.
There were a few occasions we did catch up with the group in front of us, but there were a few breaking points to help offset this.
Mostly they did a nice job of keeping an almost continuous line going through the attraction without overcrowding.


Never hearing of Massacre prior to this season, I was pleasantly surprised going through. It delivered much more of a punch then expected with extremely detailed scenes, great intense acting and some wonderful animated effects - making it a very fun walk through and one of my new favorites.

Although there is enough candy to fill a store here – it’s major draw for me was the actors themselves. Extremely energetic, fun, entertaining and some of the most detailed costumes – kept us on our feet the entire visit through. Some with a vulgar joke or two, others getting so close they blow or growl in your ear – eliminating that boundary of personal space – working for that reaction. Not allowing you to pass through until they did. They were naughty, a bit vulgar and super fun.

The haunt itself was split into two. The main – Massacre - and the second – Fear Factory.

Massacre is your traditional style haunted house.
Working your way through dimly lighted hallways of the hospital where the doctors and patients have gone insane.

The doctors showing off their handy work on a patient that lays on a stretcher blocking the main entrance. A human centipede – made from two girl props – sewn together at the rear. Forcing you to weave yourself around the maniac patients and demented scenes waiting for you here.
Keep watch out for an animated prop on one of the walls when you first enter.

One of the main rooms in this area shows you the reason for this chaos – experimental monkeys gone bad – few still baring their fangs in locked cages, while others have ripped through, escaping. A large infected nurse blocks the walkway growling and showing her teeth, trying to take a bite out of you as you walk through.

Finally working your way out of the hospital, you find yourself in the Mortuary. Caskets line the walkway and walls here – some life-sized props, while others real - this beautiful quiet area is even home to a vampire – who has gotten so comfortable, that he has been sleeping for quite a while.

Like all dead things, you must pay your penance. The Church and the afterlife was next.

A very nice faηade faced the inside of the church here – pews lined with the dead – while the demonic priest shouted out profanities – giving fair warning to the horrors you’ll see beyond in Hell, while trying to convince you to stay with him here.

The next scene – entrance to Hell – was super fun. A dark room with a simple neon sign stating SIN sitting above the entrance – while an evil nun hastily split up the group by directing them into one of two entrances – both with claustrophobic hallways that you had to pass through – in order to be born again.

The remainder of this haunt takes you through an old house – one with ripped wallpaper, dark narrow hallways and lined ceilings. A hillbilly makes love to his slot machine, while a possessed Christmas tree sits off in the corner – with a surprise popping through.

The doll room in this particular section was nicely done. Several old dolls lining the walls – while a real sat in the corner waiting to play.
The nursery was also fun. A very large bearded baby – complete with bonnet – shouted for joy as you walked in. Been looking for his mommy for a very long time.

There are a few additional animated effects on some pictures as you finish up your journey through. Easy to miss if you’re not looking – very original and fun to see.

A stopping point after this, you come to the second attraction – Fear Factory. After a very small wait, groups are once again split off into smaller, while a very demanding clown shouts off the rules and the 3D glasses are given.

A very fun portion of the house – wish it was a little longer. A half claustrophobic hallway welcomes you as you adjust to the scenery here. Huge skull head in the distance while skulls line walls to either side. The clowns in this area are just as intense as the others – blowing in your face, blocking passages, threatening to bite – with some great 3D makeup to match. It was a little difficult at times to determine props from actors.

Was a little disappointed after the 3D section ended, but this is where the fun really began.

Working your way through, the Rain Forrest was next. This mossy, rainy scene was filled with plenty of bugs, tribal characters and even a larger than life T-Rex head that popped it’s way out from underneath the waterfall. The room was quite beautiful in itself without the surprises it had in store. The tribes here were very unsettled – waiting to jump out at you from inside crates – even a very large spider waited to pounce.

The Freak show was next – every great place has them – and I loved this particular area. Very large circus flyers lined the walkways – while the ringmaster guided you through with a dire warning. Touch anything and he’ll make you into one of the freaks working for him, as he did the last few who dared.

A very fun hallway lined with dead clowns waits for you to work your way through , while in the next room, the main attraction included a stage with a cage and a lady clown with evil teeth that taunted you as you made your way through.

This room was one of my favorites in this area. Many clowns and even oompa loompas lined the room, giving a nice surprise to the mini clown who was out of his cage – wanting to make sure you really enjoyed the show.

With how much the haunt had opened up at this point, had initially thought it was over. But no. There’s more.

The theater is next. A man selling popcorn waits for you outside, while a washed up coke whore – a man dressed in ripped up, dirty tasseled bra with a rolled up dollar up his nose – makes the promise of doing anything – and he means anything – for a little blow.

The theater itself was nicely done – dark, gritty, a little dirty. An old black and white being played on the screen, while a good amount of old chairs sat empty watching while a creature sat in the back waiting.
Before coming out of the theater, you were treated to some good old fashioned bbq at the Butcher shop. Few slabs of beef hung from the ceilings, while deer and cow heads adorned the shop walls. The butcher was plenty hungry – taking stock of his new selections.

Winding back out of the theater, the prostitute is waiting and pleading, while you make your way into the catacombs.

The zombies have attacked – and this area is contaminated. The entire area is nicely done with vaulted out style doorways and green lighting. Working your way around the area, barrels are tossed towards you by an angry zombie underneath.

The main section of this area opens up to a scene where a mad mechanic turned zombie attacks the crowd walking through with a chainsaw. The actor in this area is very nicely done – intense without being too much, and very creepy. Loved the broken Thrift sign on the wall.

But be careful. Our military is there to protect – or rather contain – as a soldier pops out from behind the crates – shooting everyone in his way.

Overall, this was a wonderful haunt. The scenes were nicely detailed, and the actors – intense and fun. Has been a while since I’ve seen that.
I do believe they could space the crowd out a little better after the church section of the haunt – initially missed out on some of the effects until they were pointed out from someone who was a bit further up in line.
The open ceilings in some scenes were a bit distracting, but I wouldn’t let this stand in my way of really enjoying this attraction.

The scenes themselves are enough to draw you in and really immerse you into the experience. Except the church. Very lovely scene, but was reminded again of how much a distraction light can be.

There is a lot of vulgarity in this haunt – if you’re easily offended, or have small kids, this is not recommended. But it is definitely part of what makes this particular haunt fun.

Have not seen a good play of a little naughtiness and horror in a while – and Massacre plays it very well.

Recommended stop on your adventures this season – Have fun!

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