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2015 Six Flags Fright Fest Review

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Six Flags Fright Fest
Six Flags Great America
1 Great America Parkway
Gurnee, IL 60031

Visited: 10/17/15


Reviewed By: The Gatecreeper
Visibility/Location: Six Flags is quite easy to see, from entertainment roadsigns guiding you in the right direction, to lit up marquees along I-94 and Grand Ave.
Wait Entertainment: Gates of Hell: No wait entertainment, the line queue was in the location of the now vacant and dissembled 'Ragin' Cajun' during the peak time it would have been a good idea. there was nothing to look at, nothing to keep you occupied. So I found my own entertainment, a group of youths decided to jump the line to join friends. Park security approached the group and instructed them to go to the back of the quickly forming line.  
Apocalypse: Zombie Experience: No wait entertainment 
Massacre Medical Center: One actor interacting very well with the crowd, sometimes stating the rules. Explaining to guests that they're all "Gonna DIE!!!" Creeping on unsuspecting guests, all while wearing a comfy looking bathrobe with fluffy hearts on it. 
Manslaughter Manor: Sadie's Revenge- One actor wearing a plain white facemask, with a machete scratching the bike rack, and invading your personal space. The line was very short, we were going in late in the evening. 
The Abyss: No wait entertainment, we went at the end of the night there was only group in front of us, it wasn't needed. 
Fear: No wait entertainment, we went a the end of the night there was no line it was not necessary. 
Admission Price: General Admission to Amusement Park $68.99
Child Admission to Amusement Park $46.99
The above are also offered for Season passes for 2016 in addition to 2015 Fright Fest. Various discounts apply.

Haunted House Admission (All 6 Haunts) $29.99*
Haunted House Admission Express Pass (All 6 Haunts) $39.99*

iCombat interactive experience for Apocalypse: Zombie Experience $14.99 ($9.99 Same Day Replay)

*Prices are for unlimited visits on same day of purchase. Season pass holders may return anytime during the 2015 season for no extra charge. Must present season pass at time of purchase.
Parking: General Parking $25.00

Gates of Hell: 9 Minutes *
Apocalypse: Zombie Experience: 4.5 Minutes *
Massacre Medical Center: 3 Minutes *
Manslaughter Manor: Sadie's Revenge: 3 Minutes *
The Abyss: 3 Minutes *
Fear 2 Minutes 
* = Since people move through haunted attractions at different rates, your time will vary. Note: The time shown here represents the actual time spent moving forward through the attraction. Time spent waiting in queue lines, staging areas, intro scenes, rules rooms and when traffic jams cause patrons to come to a halt, has been subtracted. 

LPR: 0.405
LPR stands for Length/Price Ratio. It represents perceived value of an event, by comparing length vs price of admission. Higher numbers represent more value per dollar. Actual quality and/or entertainment value of an event are not factors in this calculation. Click Here to see how this event compares to others visited this year by the staff of
Scare Factor: Gates of Hell: Medium 
Apocalypse: Zombie Experience: Medium-High 
Massacre Medical Center: High
Manslaughter Manor: Sadie's Revenge: Medium 
The Abyss: Medium-Low 
Fear: Low (Unless you don't like clowns, then Medium) 
Crowd Control: Gates of Hell: We went in as a large group, we were near the end. I doubt we caught up to anyone since we were constantly moving, I know no one caught up to us. When we were split up to smaller and smaller groups the flow of the haunt kept going till we "regrouped" in a white room with a video of Nox explaining something not quite sure the audio was too low to understand, and continued onward through what can best be described as a demon torture pathway. 
Apocalypse: Zombie Experience: We were in a group of 8 we did catch up to some random people that were in front of us. Mainly they were too frightened to go near the zombies. 
Massacre Medical Center: This seemed to flow wonderfully. No groups mashed up, the actors seemed to hold us in areas the right amount of time which seemed seamless. Our group of 4 was comfortable and enjoyed our experience there. 
Manslaughter Manor: Sadie's Revenge- We were in a small group and walked through the rooms of the mansion un hindered. The actors just seemed to be more of a human prop. They did some interaction with us, but they did not slow us down or prevent us from movement. Which was fine considering we still did not clash with any other group. 
The Abyss: There was no group joining us neither did we join another. The walk was steady. Although the group that we were paired with did walk a little faster than us which left us to fend for ourselves. which again did not affect our experience. 
Fear: As short as this was and as small as our group of 5 everything seemed to work out fine, until the end, where we were tricked a few times to where the exit may be. and slowed down our progress, just for a moment, but we did find our correct path and left the haunt. 


Like the haunted houses and roaming actors in the plazas, and shows has been a staple

Love at First Fright (Running Time 39min 05sec)
Some of the cast have been replaced. The lead couple and Igor characters stand out the most. They seemed a little flat, in comparison to last year. And not as enthusiastic about the production. Overall if you want to see the adult “No Mercy” version it is the last show each evening. It becomes a little longer with a few more tongue in cheek jokes. But still a classic nonetheless. This production in found inside The Grand Music Hall in Hometown Square

Xander’s Dead Mans Party (Running Time 20min 40sec)
Your Host Xander, one of Nox’s direct demon henchmen, and his crew sing to songs like Alice Cooper’s Welcome to My Nightmare, Nickelback’s Burn it to the Ground and Evanescence / Linkin Park Bring Me to Life. The costumes looked theater quality and with some pretty snappy choreography and interpretive dance, is a sure fire way to keep the crowd engaged. They play in the outdoor Wilderness Theatre found in the Yukon Territory

Nox’s Cavalcade of the Odd
A freak show to entertain, I did not get a chance to see this show. But will update if visited. This can be found at the Mission Stage in the Southwest Territory

Gates of Hell:

Let me note that this new haunt has actually replaced the entire haunted picnic grove that had been in place for the past years, that area has now been removed and many of the props and decorations have been scattered and used in various haunted houses and in the plazas around the park, such the “Illinois Trollway” it is no longer a feature of Fright Fest

The two times we had gone there was a green screen and photo op were set up but not being utilized. They send you in a large group of people at the time. Seems close to 15-20 when peak times, and 6-8 when slow. As the entire group walked the haunt you followed the path ahead for about 20 seconds that brought you to the “rules room” which was just a part of the path where you came to a video screen where Nox, lord of Fright Fest instructed you on how to behave. This and in only one other haunt on the park grounds where you would see this stock video. The rooms, doorways and halls were quite wide so there was no backup or delay. You first start out in an open air pathway with masked and makeup actors with Atmos FX videos playing on the walls. Going into little standalone scenes lots of hanging props, an anatomic or two and an actor as a jump scare. You would move into the main building this was mostly black walks with some beef netting lined the hallway. A bevy of actors. Mostly wearing makeup either scream or growl while lunging from around a corner. There were a few human statues that really did their part well as you went from scene to scene. I went through Saturday and Sunday at different points in the evening. And there really was a difference, I had more of an enjoyable show with more actors and more effects on Sunday before close than Saturday just after the haunt opening, which was the start of the peak time. The actors we encountered were very into their part, altho limited to just growling but there was a small percentage with some sort of script or banter. This haunt also seems to have the most environmental effects and animatronics. There were multiple points at his haunt that the large group was separated to smaller groups. Right before you leave the large haunt structure and just before you enter a new “zombie containment” section. A white walled path with zombie cutouts and cyclone fencing which projected on the surface and zombie actors roaming the area, you make your way through the twists and turns to find your way to the next section. Here torment and horrors are the theme cloaked monks and demon spawn are the residents. Traveling down a hallway that comes alive, and making your way to the disembowelment room. The exit has a booth to get your photo but like mentioned in the beginning, this was not in use and no photo was available

Apocalypse: Zombie Experience:
Utilizing the recently drained Roaring Rapids water attraction this haunt has a few new features from the previous year. The most outstanding one is the use of the iCombat system, where for an extra charge you are equipped with a weapon to shoot the zombies and they will react as such. This uses an infrared emitter from the gun to a receiver sensor the zombies are wearing and will keep track of your score through the experience. You will be notified of your final score at the end. They will award the person with the best score of the season with a free 2016 Season Pass. The other addition is that there is a few more set pieces and you are not as blinded by the light in this outdoor haunt like in previous years. They usually send you in groups of 6-10 when in the staging area the SF staff will verbally instruct you on the rules. You head into the cement lined trench that was once filled with water and make your way out. You are surrounded by zombies which seemed to overtake a military encampment. There are no personnel to be found, you will need to walk past equipment blocking some of the channel creating bottlenecks and past through the zombies, all the actors have great costuming and pretty effective makeup. They will lunge and growl from afar and from hidden spots. Overall it’s an enjoyable stroll you may come in contact with a group that was in front if you. But this will happen since some of the more frightened groups hesitate to go past the zombie that may be blocking the exit to their path.

Massacre Medical Center:

Right before you enter the door an amusement park representative will let you know the rules, and asks you understand them. You will enter. As you make your way down the long hallway to the reception desk you already know the patients have taken over. Experiencing first hand what has gone wrong and see chaos all around you. Many of the patients will pop out and scream or talk nonsense, some calmly sit and simply babble to themselves. The haunt is highly detailed and actors are doing a great job. No masks are needed since this is a home for humans and not strange creatures or monsters. Has not changed much since last year, but still the most impressive scene is the exit where you circle around an ambulance get a final scare or two and walk out past the dumpsters, where the garbage bags are not the normal shape that I’m accustomed to.

Manslaughter Manor: Sadie's Revenge-

Waiting in line and ready to go, a Six Flags staff member will go over the haunt rules, here you enter the manor, the haunt design and decor is considered one of the better put together concepts. You will encounter multiple “Sadies” all wearing the same long skirts, long dark hair and plain white face masks making them identical to each other. Many of them are armed and will giggle, they will be delighted you are there. You will walk through the home, visit the living room, den, kitchen etc... and experience various animated props and surprises. This is best explained as a polygamists’ worst case scenario. All I can say about this haunt is enjoy the walk, it’s fully immersive.

The Abyss:

Nautical themed haunt. We were next in line and entered the rules room, it was a tight fit. We watched the video of Nox making sure we were to not touch the actors. The residents would be old seafaring travelers. Many with pop out scares, you will witness what may have happened to the various workers and guests aboard this sunken ship. A little vanilla for my tastes, there was a clear theme but the actors just either popped out to scream or stared at us while we were in the room. The decoration seemed a little thin with minimally decorated black hallways and the same with the rooms. There is really not much to describe. I did enjoy a jump scare from an unsuspected, location where I simply thought is was just part of the set.


Again, they have at least upgraded this haunt with light. What was once a dimly lit, twisted path. Has now been decorated and the themes have been more identifiable. Only wish they extended this one too. For years this has been famously known as the worst, and shortest haunt in the park. It still holds the title but this time they made it more bearable. Now the combined section of spiders, reptiles and many other creepy crawlies are surrounding you on the walls and the imagery is definitely pronounced. This time they did change it up a bit and played on Coulrophobia this is the only section that had actors. And they were doing their part well. This was a nice addition to Fear. I hope they work on and upgrade or even expand the other phobias for 2016. There are a lot of possibilities to make this into something good.

Plaza Roamers

Like the years before there are large groups of actors in the plazas, but new this year is NO MERCY after 6pm. All guests are susceptible to getting a scare here and there. They have expanded to Clowns and Vampires amongst a few other creatures. They wander around and will find their mark either with an unsuspected lunge or a creep attack. They all wear makeup or a mask, costuming here is a plus. Sometimes it’s just as fun to sit down and watch groups run for their lives.

As an added bonus the final hour the park is open “The Witching Hour” begins where all plaza roamers congregate in Carousel Plaza and guests make the gauntlet past all of Nox’s minions in attempt to exit the park.

Nox himself is available for a photo-op at the end of the night, but don't stick around too long he does not favor those who spend his precious time.

Overall Fright Fest has been upgraded. Some things have suffered due to this, I would consider it a wash. At least it’s something new here and there. The roaming actors for the most part have been expanded. Bringing back a freakshow is a good start too. If you planning for only going one day I would suggest the $10 upgrade to the express pass, it is well worth it and can save you 3.5 to 5 hours in total wait time.

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