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Halloween Prop Menu : Monitor Areas In Complete Darkness

Monitor Areas in Complete Darkness!

Seeing in the dark is really easy! That's all you need is a pinhole camera with built-in infrared illuminators. Pinhole cameras have come down in price over the last couple of years. You can pick one up for well under $100. Here is how it works. Pinhole cameras can see more wavelengths of light than humans can. For instance we can't see infrared light, but pinhole cameras can. The infrared illuminators on these cameras usually have a range of about 10 feet.

Can't find a pinhole camera with a built-in array of infrared illuminators? Any other pinhole camera will work just as well. That's all you have to do is buy a handful of infrared LEDs from Radio Shack. After all, the infrared illuminators on those cameras are nothing but infrared LEDs! The ones you can buy from Radio Shack are cheap, too (less than $2 per LED). There are also more professional illuminators out there, but they are more expensive.

Using these cameras is an important safety tool. Remember, those customers that want to cause trouble will act fearless (and foolish) while in completely dark areas. And when they do, you will have warning in advance of trouble-makers before they have time to damage anything in your haunted house or cause injury to your ghouls or your customers.

You can use one or more cameras to monitor hallways, mazes or rooms in your haunted house that have absolutely no lighting. If you would like, you can hook a video switch (available at Radio Shack) to a few of these cameras so that you can use only one monitor and switch from one view to another with the push of a button. This way, you could effectively 'follow' potential trouble-makers through your haunted house to make sure they are not causing trouble.

You can find these cameras and illuminators at various places on the internet; however, you can usually find very reasonable prices on the Ebay Auction Site To search for available cameras at Ebay, type in the search description 'spy camera'.

If you are using cameras to monitor customers, it is their legal right to know about it. Be sure to post signs at the ticket window saying 'For everyone's safety, surveillance cameras are used inside this haunted house.' or something like that. Not only are you informing everyone of something they deserve to know, you might discourage potential trouble-makers, as well.

Below are some example pictures. Click on each one to see a larger, more detailed version.

Camera with built-
in infrared LEDs

Camera without
infrared LEDs

Enclosed IR LEDs
with focusing lense

Huge illuminator with
lots of IR LEDs

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