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Transworld 2005: "The Props"

The following is an overview of some of the new and exciting products that vendors brought to the Transworld Show this year. You can click on any of the pictures on this page to see a larger version. This year, there was an awesome array of products introduced. In fact, there were way too many to cover in this brief overview. Please visit the vendor’s websites (links are provided on this page) to find out about even more outstanding products and services that these companies have to offer. Pick one of the following menu selections below or scroll down the page to read the overview.

Adrian Fischer Mazes

Adrian Fischer Mazes is a company that came all the way from England to visit the Halloween show in Rosemont. They design and construct various maze patterns in pavement, brick, grass, hedges and cornfields. Along with regular mazes, they also make mirror mazes (right). Since these mirror mazes create an optical illusion that makes them appear to be up to six times larger than they actually are, they are ideal attractions for small, indoor spaces. 

For more information, visit:

Mirror Maze
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Anatomical Chart Company

Bones, bones and more bones. That is what could be found at the Anatomical Chart Company’s booth this year. The most impressive of their new offerings was the new 8 foot tall "Franken-Bucky" (left). Also new were a wide variety of bone creatures like a huge bone spider, a "Big Dog Skeleton" (right), as well as many other animal skeletons. There were also some new "Giant Skulls" introduced, which are available in either a natural or silver finish. The "Ape Skull" (middle) was also new to their product line.

For more information, visit:

8' Franken-Bucky

Ape Skull

Big Dog Skeleton
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Applehead Factory Design Studios

This year, Applehead Factory Design Studios introduced some unique plush teddy bears, aptly named "Teddy Scares" (left), which come in a wide variety of styles. Fresh from the morgue, they are attired in real fabric clothing and come with an obituary notice, toe tag and eerie accessories.  Each bear is 12" tall and comes in its own transparent window display box.  They also have another product line, "Teddy Scares Morgue Minis" (right), which will be available in May 2005.  These Morgue Minis are half the size (6" tall) and double the terror.  Each bear comes tightly zipped in its own transparent body bag, with fabric clothing and spooky accessories.  

For more information, visit:

Teddy Scares

Teddy Scares Morgue Minis
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Brutal Images

While this was their first showing at Transworld, Brutal Images has been making Haunted House props for many years. They brought quite a selection of gruesome props to the show. "Art" (left) is a framed picture that appears to have the skin of a human face stretched out as the canvas.  "Eye Sore" & "Jaw Breaker" (middle) are realistic-looking foam filled heads mounted on 10" x 15" slabs, and "Stu" (right) is a crushed head sitting in a frying pan.   Along with these props, Brutal Images also has many other gory props that can be ordered through their website.    

For more information, visit:


Eye Sore & Jaw Breaker

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Creative Visions

The "Rock Monster" (below) was a big hit at the Creative Visions booth.  Whether your attention was drawn by the loud roars from the far corner of the show floor, or the large mass of moving rock caught your eye, you couldn't help but notice the Creative Visions booth! This large 'rock' creature was an impressive animated prop.  It growled so loudly that the sound reverberated through your chest as you walked by! With its eight independent points of motion, this 11 foot tall creature moved as if it were attempting to break away from the chains that held it to the floor.  

For more information, visit:

Rock Monster
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Creature Crates

Known for their stilt costumes, Creature Crates came up with even more choices for people who attended the show this year.  Expanding their affordable line of stilts, they introduced peg stilts (middle), which are designed to handle weights from 100 to 240 pounds.  They also had a couple of new products in their spring stilt line (left). Creature Crates now offers spring stilts in three sizes, for weights from 60 pounds to 220 pounds, at lower prices.  Also new were a number of costumes, including their full body costume, the "Undead General" (right).      

For more information, visit:

Spring Stilts

Peg Stilts

Undead General
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Distortions really brought some great props to the show this year. One of their high-end offerings was an enhanced version of the classic electrocution animatronic that you see in a lot of Haunted Houses. Appropriately named "High Voltage" (left), this prop featured a man sitting in an electric chair, which was inside of a glass enclosure. As the execution sequence started, the victim jerked around violently, as the enclosure filled with smoke. Just when you thought it was over, the victim jumped to his feet and slammed against the glass! 

Some other props that caught my eye were their animated trash can props (right).  One of these props was an adaptation of the classic "Trash Can Trauma", featuring a creature that pops out of a metal trash can.  Another one of their props was a tipped-over trash can filled with garbage, with a huge rat tail sticking out of it, which thrashed back and forth wildly.  These props would be a perfect addition to an alley scene in any Haunted House.

But by far, my favorite Distortions props were the “Animated Zombie Chasers” (middle). These animated props, which seemed to have a mind of their own, were remote-controlled zombie half-bodies that crawled along the floor.  Their arms moved in a realistic circular motion, making it appear that they were dragging themselves along the ground!  The Zombie Chasers are powered by two rechargeable 12V batteries that last about 3-4 hours between charges.

For more information, visit:

High Voltage

Animated Zombie Chasers

Trash Can Animations
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Eccentric Gryphons

Eccentric Gryphons always comes up with some creative, affordable props and this year was no exception. Last year they introduced the "Gibbet", which was a full scale replica of the medieval metal-cage torture device used in Europe . This year they have improved the design, where it can be disassembled and tucked away into a flat box for storage (left). Another new offering was called "Watchers" (middle), which was a small black box with illuminated eyes, that seemed to follow you as you walked by. Last year Eccentric Gryphons introduced "TOMBliques", which were resin accent pieces used to decorate tombstones,  mausoleums and coffins.  This year they introduced a new and improved line of flexible TOMBliques (right).  Because they are pliable, they can be attached to contoured surfaces, like a witch's cauldron.   

For more information, visit:



Flexible TOMBliques
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Fright Props

Last year Fright Props introduced the Hellevator, an enclosure that simulated a spooky elevator ride. This year they touted the many features of their M.O.D. system (the inner workings of the Hellevator). Their M.O.D. (Motion On Demand) sensory system has an unlimited number of uses. You can use it to simulate an elevator ride, earthquake, rocket launch or nearly any other situation you can dream up. Motion bases are available that are large enough to hold 25 people. Many optional accessories are available, including audio systems, floor shakers, air blaster jets, lighting controls and more! The M.O.D. system can be purchased by itself so you can create your own nightmarish scenes; however, custom enclosures and programs are also available.  

For more information, visit:

Motion on Demand System
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Ghost Ride Productions

At over 9 feet tall, the "Wolf Photo Op" prop (middle) really caught my eye.  It has latex and polyfoam construction, custom clothing, real Yak hair and positionable arms.  Advertised as a photo opportunity, this prop can also be used as a window display or as a static prop inside a Haunted Attraction.  Also new was their talking skull/skeleton (left).  The talking skull, which can play any audio, is servo-activated.  It has eight different motions and is plug & play with their custom-made controller.  Ghost Ride Productions has also incorporated this talking system into a pedistal-mount water fountain.  The new "Vampire Bride" character (right) had detailed facial features, realistic-looking glass eyes and claw-like feet. Also new were their low voltage malibu light dimmers, full sized life-casted bodies, stone pillars, urethane body parts, a posable skeleform and more.   

For more information, visit:

Talking Skeleton

Wolf Photo Op

Vampire Bride
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Gore Galore

The Gore Galore booth really stood out this year.  As usual, their innovative costumes created quite a buzz on the show floor.  You couldn't walk the Haunter Section of the show without being "stalked" by one of these awesome new creature costumes. "The Wraith" (middle), Gore Galore's version of the Grim Reaper, stood ten feet tall, had red L.E.D. eyes and an arm span of more than ten feet wide!  Another one of their new costumes was called the "Zombie Lurker" (left).  This was an oversized, hunch-back zombie costume with amazing head and arm movement.  Even it's jaw moved!  Gore Galore introduced two other costumes of similar design at the show named "Frankenstein" and "Squeaker The Clown".  Also new was their Neck Biter (right), which was a puppet that can be worn on the shoulders of an actor.  The actor can operate the puppet in a way that makes it appear that the creature is attacking him/her.   

For more information, visit:

The Zombie Lurker

The Wraith

Neck Biter Puppet
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Haunted Enterprises

Haunted Enterprises brought a wide variety of new products to the show this year.  One of their new offerings was the duo of "Dr. Evil and Autopsy Al" (left).  These characters simulated a gruesome anatomy project gone wrong! Autopsy Al was split down the middle and his skeleton rose from its fleshy casing, to sit up and talk with the ‘doc’.   As a complement to this ghoulish duo, Haunted Enterprises introduced "Autopsy Alley", which was comprised of a wide variety of soft, rugged and posable full-sized bodies that were modeled from real people. "Sam Shred" (middle) was a full body piece that looked like a man whose bottom half had gone through a shredder. There were also additions to their "Morbid Masterpieces" line, which are a collection of framed famous paintings that have been modified for Haunted Attractions. "Last Whistler" (right) featured Whistler's mother with a bloody cleaver in her hand and blood splattered on the walls.  All of the 'masterpieces' in this collection are 24”x30” framed prints. 

For more information, visit:

Dr. Evil & Autopsy Al

Sam Shred

Last Whistler
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LaFond FX

LaFond FX brought some unique static characters to Transworld this year.  A show favorite was their new "Weeping Widow Fountain" (left).  Standing up on a pedistal, this widow ‘cried’ red tears that flowed down into a pool of blood below.  All of their life-size characters are highly detailed.  Their scarecrow-like figures "One-Eyed Iris" (middle) and "Pumpkin Patch Pete" were adorned in realistic-looking clothing.  What was different about these characters than others I have seen is the fact that they were very rugged and completely waterproof, so they would be perfect for use as an outdoor display.     

For more information, visit:

Weeping Widow Fountain

One-Eyed Iris

Pumpkin Patch Pete
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Little Spider

Once again Little Spider came to the show with a wide array of new, affordable products.  As part of their circus-related line, they had some great new static clown characters, as well as a new animated clown "Jack-In-The-Box" (left). Pneumatically operated, the top of the box opened up as a distraction, then suddenly an evil Jester popped out of the side at you.  Little Spider also brought their new line of "ScreamWear".   With names like "After Autopsy" (middle) and "Mr. Brisket", these latex chest pieces with tattered shirts are a nice Halloween accessory.  Also new were Little Spider’s series of animal props, like their animated Gorilla, alligator and "Devil Dog Trophy Head" (right). 

For more information, visit:



Trophy Head
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Magee FX

Magee FX brought several new static characters to Transworld.  The name "The Hagg" (left) really describes this piece, with its white hair, wrinkled skin and hook nose.  "Barney" (middle) was pretty gruesome, as well, with his tattered clothing, pale skin and green slime oozing out of every orifice.  As a younger version of the classic Elephant Man character, the "Elephant Boy" (right) had a misshaped head and a creepy facial expression.  They also had a new "Vampyre" character that stood nearly 8 feet tall. 

For more information, visit:

The Hagg


Elephant Boy
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Midnight Syndicate

For nearly a decade, Midnight Syndicate has been creating some of the best gothic/horror themed music and sound effects soundtracks that money can buy. Just read the following testimonial, quoting one of the most well-known horror celebrities of all time:

"Midnight Syndicate is the greatest horror music in the Universe. It's constantly playing near me everywhere I go, at home, in my studio, at my school. It's like my life is a movie and Midnight Syndicate is the soundtrack." - Tom Savini

This year, the Midnight Syndicate will add another album to their collection, called "The 13th Hour".  Available to the general public in June 2005, this new CD features Midnight Syndicate's signature dark gothic orchestration, blended with classic 80's style horror movie music and chilling sound effects that put you right in the middle of a haunted house with a sinister history. 

Click here to view the trailer for their new CD!    or for more information, visit their website:  

New CD for 2005 ! 'The 13th Hour'
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Morbid Industries

There was a wide variety of new masks at the Morbid Industries booth this year.  Altogether, they had nine different masks in their new Officially Licensed SlipKnot series, which are modeled after the popular band SlipKnot.  The new “Ghouligan” mask (middle), with a green stitched-together face and goggles, and is advertised as a member of their motorcycle gang gone wrong.  Another one of their new masks is called “Rawbone” (right).  He is a zombie with rotting, wrinkled skin, crooked yellow teeth and a gash in his head that has been stitched together.  “Spasm” (left), a new animated prop from Morbid Industries, shakes uncontrollably and appears to be foaming at the mouth.  In addition to those items, they introduced other new products such as the “Gothic Archway”, “Gothic Fireplace”, “Gothic Window”, “Valdemar Tombstone” and more.   

For more information, visit:


Ghouligan Mask

Rawbone Mask
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Oak Island Entertainment

Now you can keep your Haunted Attraction safe with Oak Island Entertainment's wide variety of flame retardant liquids (left).  Available in one and five gallon quantities, there are numerous specialized formulas, so you can fireproof wood, latex paint, fabric and more.  Want textured walls in your haunt?  Oak Island's new line of vacuform panels (middle) are an easy solution.  Available in patterns like brick, adobe, tree bark and river rock, these 60 mil ABS panels fit together to form a seamless pattern.  Another one of their new offerings this year was called the "Demented Door" (right).  Originally designed for major theme park use, this pneumatic prop features a boarded-up door that shakes wildly, as if there were a large, angry creature on the other side, trying to break through.  

For more information, visit:

Flame Retardants

Vacuform Panels

Demented Door
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Prop Masters

As impressive as always, Prop Masters came to Transworld with a wide variety of creepy, realistic static props.  The "Mr. Rogers" character (left) was a zombie version of the host of a popular children's television show.  "Won't you be my neighbor?"  Not if I have anything to say about it!  Another one of their new full body characters was "The Bride" (middle) who appeared to have had on accident on her wedding day, resulting in half the skin on her face being ripped off.  "Kitty Kills All" (right) is based on the popular Kitty Carry-All, but with an evil twist.  There were several other new characters including "Jester", "The Doctor", "Fresh Meat" and more.  Because all of these pieces are highly detailed and extremely creepy, they would be a welcome addition to any Haunted Attraction. 

For more information, visit:

Mr. Rogers

The Bride

Kitty Kills All
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The Scarefactory really dominated the Dark Zone this year.  With all sorts of new props, there was plenty of eye-candy.   A cool adaptation of a classic spinning vortex, their "Vortex of Swirling Corpses" (left) really made its mark at the show.  It was a unique experience, walking through what appeared to be a spinning cave of skeletons and bones!  The "HODHEARSE" (2nd from left) was a highly detailed, haunted horse-drawn carriage.  Just when you thought it was a static prop, it sprang into action, rocking back and forth, simulating the action of riding down a rough dirt path.  Another great animation was the "Thrashing Lycan" (right).  As the name implies, this creature thrashes about, with independent control over its arms, head and upper torso.  While Scarefactory had a lot of new props, the most eye-catching animation of the Dark Zone was the "DemonKnight" (2nd from right), a 9 foot tall demon creature with a severed victim in one hand and a huge circular saw in the other.  As the animation activated, the DemonKnight, standing behind the "DemonKnight Facade", would come to life.  As the gates opened, the DemonKnight roared menacingly and actually 'walked' out at you, moving its appendages in a realistic motion!              

For more information, visit:

Vortex of Swirling Corpses

HODHEARSE Haunted Horse
Drawn Hearse

Demon Knight

Thrashing Lycan
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Want to increase your ticket revenue?  Now you can sell tickets for your Haunted Attraction online, with no out-of-pocket expense.  Turn your web traffic into additional revenue! has just partnered with TicketWeb (a division of TicketMaster) to give you even more value-added online ticketing options. offers free marketing tools for all Haunters.  Their “Haunt Market Builder Program” allows you to gather important demographics information about your customers and develop a customer database that you can use for future promotions. You can do all of this and more with     

For more information, visit:

Sell Your Haunted Attraction Tickets Online Through
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Sinister Scents

What's that I smell?  Evergreen trees, rotten wood, compost?  You could smell all of that and more at the Sinister Scents booth this year.  Sinister Scents can enhance the atmosphere of any Haunted Attraction.  Imagine being able to add the smell of dirt in your cemetery, the aroma of cotton candy in your killer clown room or a musty smell in your dungeon.     

This year Sinister Scents introduced their new bead-filled scent pouches. These scented beads are easy to work with and the scents can be distributed in a number of ways.  Sinister Scents has scent distribution boxes that can cover areas from 100 to 1,500 square feet.  The scent pouches can also be used in their scent cannons, which force the direction of smell.  Imagine being able to have one of your zombie animatronics open its mouth and 'breathe' the smell of death on your customer, then the smell quickly dissipates. The possibilities are endless!     

For more information, visit:

Sinister Scents Bottles

Scent Distribution
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Unit 70

With all of the large, highly detailed animations, you could definitely tell it was the Unit 70 booth.  “Curse of the Werewolf” (left), was a 9 foot tall animated creature that lunged out at passersby and came complete with a digital soundtrack.  Another great animation that really stood out was called "The Crawler" (middle).  At first glance, this creature looked like he was sleeping.  You could see him ‘breathing’, as his chest moved slowly in and out in a realistic motion; however, once you had awaken the beast, it swung out to attack you.  Also new to the Unit 70 line were several other animated characters, including: "Dusty" (right), the eleven foot tall "Grim Reacher" that leaned down at you as you walked by, and many more.  Unit 70 never ceases to amaze me with their creative array of animated props.     

For more information, visit:

Curse of the Werewolf

The Crawler

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 More Transworld Pictures Are Available! 

To ensure faster downloading, all of the pictures in this online overview (280+) were stored as low resolution images (~450x338 pixels). While at the show, more than 600 pictures were taken, all of which are available on a CD, at a much higher resolution (1024x768 pixels), for only $6.99 (S+H Included). 

If you are interested in ordering one of these Transworld picture CDs, click here for more information.    




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